Update - November 28, 2013

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Days before Hannah's Make A Wish trip, regular blood work has revealed horrifying news: Hannah now has leukemia.  This leukemia is a result of the chemo drug (itopiside) that she received. The chance of this was less than 1 percent. Even more heart breaking, after doctors discovered the leukemia they went back to her final scans from October and saw that the leukemia was already there and had been missed: they were looking for her rhabdomyosarcoma, not leukemia.

Because chemotherapy caused this leukemia, chemotherapy can't fix this leukemia. Hannah's best chance of living is that her baby sister, Hailey, might be a perfect match for a stem cell transplant.  

In order for Hannah to live she needs to find a donor that is a 100% match. Please visit www.OneMatch.ca and register to be a stem cell donor. YOU could save Hannah's life!


Are You the Match?

Hannah is one of nearly 1000 Canadians who need your help.

You could be their hero, the one match to save a life no one else in the world can.

Optimal Donors Needed!
Are you: 17-35 years old, healthy, ethnically diverse and male?
If so, register today!



Before registering, read the
Stem Cell Fact Sheet.

Cards and Letters

pink-envelopeFour-year-old Hannah really enjoys receiving cards and letters.

You can mail her at:

Hannah Day
C/O 2714 Sooke Road
Victoria BC, V9B 1Y7


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