Update - January 30, 2014

january 30 3We have had such an amazing time here - so nice to be away from hospitals. We feel free for the first time in a long time.

Thank you to make a wish for granting such amazing wishes to all these beautiful children. Thank you for everyone back home who has done so much in taking the burden of money off our shoulders and thank you for everyone for all the love and support.

It is freezing in Orlando Florida - the same temperature as Vancouver. We have done both parks at Universal and 3 days at Disney world. Because of bad rain and winds we decided to take off bright and early and head to Miami Beach. Then later we will go check out the Give Kids the World Village back in Orlando and then off to Legoland to spend our last day. Then our fantasy vacation will end and back to our nightmare of our reality life.


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pink-envelopeFour-year-old Hannah really enjoys receiving cards and letters.

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