Update - January 22, 2014

long-roadMy poor baby is fading away and it's so hard to sit here and watch it.

She is a skeleton and refuses to take a bite of food. She complains it hurts to bad. There is no negotiating with her either - no bribing will work. I can't even hold her or give her a hug because every part of her is so sore.

She has no muscle left to walk or even stand. Her bone marrow is not working anymore and she can't survive these days without transfusions. Her platelets are so low that internal bleeding could happen. Even with a blood transfusion it's not working and continues to drop.

I'm starting to regret booking her make a wish trip but all I wanted was for Hannah to have some fun in a magical place away from hospitals and medicine. I've seen so many kids not get there wish granted and spend there life in hospital then die in them. I don't want this for Hannah. I know the best thing for Hannah right now is for her to live in hospital but what kind of life is that. She's so depressed when there and cries to come home.

This is why this transplant coming up is so important and the more people continue to sign up the better chance my sweet innocent baby will have. Her body can not take anymore. It's exhausted and we know chemo isn't working anymore.

I'm so sad right now all I want to do is cry. I can't stop her suffering, I can't do anything for her but constantly tell her how much I love her and that I'm so happy I got her.

- Brooke


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Cards and Letters

pink-envelopeFour-year-old Hannah really enjoys receiving cards and letters.

You can mail her at:

Hannah Day
C/O 2714 Sooke Road
Victoria BC, V9B 1Y7


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