Update - February 3, 2014

Hannah Day and FamilyNow that the media is all aware it's only fair I share what's happening with everyone who loves my little girl.

Originally the plan was for Hannah to have intensive amounts of chemotherapy followed by radiation before a transplant would happen. Because Hannah has had so much radiation from getting her first cancer they are unable to give her any more. This means they can not fight the leukemia and a stem cell transplant can't happen from a stranger - even one who is a 10 out of 10 match.

Our options now are to give her the best quality of life with ongoing chemo that will keep the cancer at bay with little damage to the body (but by the time Hannah is 6.5 years old she would be dead) OR we do a very rare haplo transplant  with ME being Hannah's donor. If we want a life time cure the latter is our only option.

I am only a half match for Hannah but because Hannah was in my tummy and my stem cells helped protect her once, my stem cells are the only one that has the chance to kill any remaining leukemia cells. This being said doctors told us today that there is a 40 percent chance of fatality doing this transplant because her organs might fail and she would die. If she can beat the 30 day transplant and hold on we will have to live another 100 days in hospital praying for no relapse. If she relapsed they said it would happen right away and would be fatal as well.

I want everyone to know how thankful we are to see so many people try to save her life. It was successful and matches were found but now will not work. It is all on my shoulders now. I am the only one who can save my baby's life. At this point they can only tell us we will have Hannah here with us for 30 days until the transplant happens.

So our choices are to give Hannah palliative care for two years, then say our goodbyes, or do the transplant and take the risk Hannah could die next month.

What a horrible decision a parent should never have to make.


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