Update - February 19, 2014

1960048 10153821757185483 1192448523 nHannah has been in hospital for sometime now with unexplained fevers so they have done a x-ray which showed what they believe was pneumonia. They have been giving her every antibiotic to cover every possible infection but Hannah isn't responding to them and is spiking fevers so high she's hallucinating.

Today she had a ultrasound and cat scan which showed that she has a small cotton ball looking thing in her lungs. They don't believe it is cancer but are sending her images away for further testing at BC Children's Hospital. They believe she has a fungal pneumonia which can be very hard to treat, sometimes requiring months of treatment.  This would mean that the transplant would once again be on hold and that they would have to try to give her more chemo to keep her body in the right state for transplant.

If Hannah doesn't respond to these new fungal antibiotics she will go into the operating room and have a biopsy done. This is never ending.


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pink-envelopeFour-year-old Hannah really enjoys receiving cards and letters.

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Hannah Day
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