Update - December 19, 2013

Saturday morning, Hannah suffered a seizure in my arms and stopped breathing. Again she was rushed to hospital unresponsive and is now in ICU under going tests on why this could of happened.

They have discovered Hannah has pancreatitis and an inflamed liver, but none of this explains why Hannah suffered a seizure and won't come to. Hannah is suffering and in a lot of pain.  Even though she is unable to tell us, the machines can see she is suffering and pain meds are being given to keep her comfortable.

Hannah has gone 5 days with no food and still can't have anything; no feeding tube either as it will make the pancreatitis worse.

Doctors can only tell us that these are side effects of chemo but brain scans and EEG for brain activity will tell us what damage is being done. Chemo seems to be killing Hannah faster than the cancer and continuing treatment is unknown.

Hannah does continue to improve over the days and has opened her eyes and tries to communicate, but her body doesn't seem to be able to keep up. Please pray for little Hannah and we all can only hope for a full recovery.

- Brooke

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Cards and Letters

pink-envelopeFour-year-old Hannah really enjoys receiving cards and letters.

You can mail her at:

Hannah Day
C/O 2714 Sooke Road
Victoria BC, V9B 1Y7


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