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After losing both their home and livelihood in one horrific fire, life was finally beginning to get back to normal for Hannah and her family in 2012. That is until Hannah started getting sick.

After many doctor visits and many misdiagnosis, the family was left feeling confused and frustrated.  Concern multiplied when Hannah's stomach began to grow.  Various diagnosis, such as bad posture and constipation, proved to not be the answer and frustration began to set in for her family.

The real nightmare began when when Hannah stopped breathing.  Hannah was rushed to Victoria General Hospital where a suspected tumor was found in her abdomen.  Forty-five minutes later, Hannah and her mother, Brooke, were rushed by air ambulance to BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver.

Biopsy results proved that rather than a tumor, it was extensive abdominal inflammation that was was crushing her lungs.  Hannah remained in critical condition for several days. After considering the possibility that she might have lymphoma or leukaemia a week of tests finally brought a diagnosis; stage 4 rhabdomyosarcoma cancer.  Hannah's diagnosis was the 3rd known in the world.

After a long 15 month battle and every infection possible, Hannah beat all the odds and in October of 2013 was deemed cancer free.

Devastatingly, only 2 short months after a "Make a Wish" trip to Disneyland was planned, regular follow-up blood work showed even more horrifying news . . . Hannah now had leukemia. After numerous tests the doctors discovered this leukaemia was a result of the chemotherapy drug (Itopiside) that she was treated with.  The odds of this drug-caused cancer occurring were less then 1 percent. The leukaemia had been present in her earlier scans but missed because because of the focus looking for rhabdomyosarcoma.

Because chemotherapy caused her second cancer, chemotherapy can't fix this leukaemia. Hannah's best chance of living was thought to be a stem cell transplant from a willing donor who is a perfect match. However, in order to do this they would have to give Hannah intensive amounts of chemotherapy again plus more radiation and they know that Hannah's poor body wouldn't handle it and her organs would fail. It was then decided to try a very rare form of transplant called HAPLO. This would require her mother to now save her life.

Her parents were given 2 options: to go through with the transplant and take a risk of a 40 percent chance her organs would fail or take up to 2 years of palliative care. What a horrible decision for any parent to have to make. Hannah's body might reject her mother's stem cells causing a very serious disease with 3rd degree-like burns to Hannah's body. If not treated properly she could die. Her organs are going to be hit very hard and they know from a earlier echocardiogram that her heart isn't very strong. This poor little girl has had to have all her teeth removed before transplant to avoid infections.

On March 19th the transplant is scheduled. Her mom and her will be separated for the day at different hospitals.  While her mom goes for surgery to have her stem cells taken , Hannah will be waiting for them at Children's Hospital.

It's a scary thing for her mother to have to go through knowing she is Hannah's very last chance at life. If her mom's stem cells are not strong enough to fight Hannah's Leukaemia Hannah is going to die.

Please pray for Hannah. She is 4 years old and has been fighting most of her life. No kid should have to fight so hard to be here. Hopefully her fight is all worth it.


Cards and Letters

pink-envelopeFour-year-old Hannah really enjoys receiving cards and letters.

You can mail her at:

Hannah Day
C/O 2714 Sooke Road
Victoria BC, V9B 1Y7


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